About E-Payoffice

Payroll can be a real headache, can’t it?

All those rosters and timesheets, the leave conflicts, the award interpretations, the legislative changes, the confusion over penalties and overtime.

The difficulties of planning and predicting employment costs week by week. The uncertainty of whether you’ve got those superannuation payments correct – or if you’re going to be hit with a big bill at the end of the financial year.

That’s why we’re here: to make payroll easier for you.

We’re the Australian payroll experts, offering personalised service and customised payroll solutions.

Personalised customer service

Our team is based in Sydney, Australia. When you call us, you’ll be speaking directly with payroll experts who know all about Australian legislation and Australian businesses.

We are set up to provide a highly personalised and customised service, geared to YOUR business needs.

Meet Wendy

After working in payroll for 30+ years, Director Wendy Blanch saw a strong need for a more personalised approach to payroll solutions, provided by payroll experts here in Australia.

Wendy knew the challenges that business owners and HR face in managing payroll, and she knew how to help them.

She saw the frustration of shoe-horning accounting software to fit payroll needs. She also saw how stressful and time-consuming it was for businesses who had to integrate multiple external systems to provide a payroll solution.

What’s more, she saw good businesses making innocent payroll mistakes that cost them a fortune.

That’s why Wendy invested time in perfecting a payroll solution that can be customised to your business, whether it’s software or an outsourced solution. Not just a payroll module tacked on to accounting software.

Wendy Blanch: E-Payoffice Director

Talk to us

You can chat to our friendly team any time 9am-5pm Mondays to Fridays. Simply call (02) 8860 9521.
“I moved my payroll to E-payoffice last year after my previous payroll company caused some problems, but could not resolve them. Wendy, my E-payoffice contact, happily and easily resolved them, and has been more than happy to help with any issues that have arisen since. I have found the service to be accurate, reliable and professional, and would not hesitate to recommend E-payoffice to anyone thinking of outsourcing their payroll.” Nadia's Cafe

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