Cloud Payroll

Cloud Payroll Software

Cloud-based payroll software enables you to manage every aspect of your payroll system from the comfort of your web browser on any device or operating system.

The E-Payoffice team will transition all of your existing data over to the cloud to ensure a seamless and effortless transition.

Choose our Payroll Software option or enlist the help of our Sydney-based team and outsource, we’re available Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) to assist you. 

Benefits of Cloud Payroll Software

  • Works on all browsers and requires no installation
  • Easy for the entire workforce to stay connected
  • Secure access with user authentication, encrypted passwords, Multi-factor authentication, and automatic closure after a period of inactivity.
  • Automatic calculation of employee wages and entitlements in relation to hours worked, occupation, and terms of employment.
  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Easily scalable to meet your growing business needs
  • Paperless
  • We do all the backups
  • Stay compliant with up-to-date Australian employment standards
  • Hosted by Microsoft Azure in Australia

What can you do with cloud payroll software?

  • Create custom rosters for individual employees
  • Automate super and deduction payments
  • Automate the process of calculating employee wages and entitlements
  • Manage leave requests and organise replacement staff
  • Plan ahead for peak and busy seasonal periods
  • Avoid conflicting rostering schedules
  • Forecast and plan your roster to stay within budget
  • Add, remove, and modify employee data
  • Push back employee queries and changes to the employee via the cloud payroll kiosk
  • View seven years’ worth of reports and timesheets online

Why choose E-Payoffice?

At E-Payoffice, we take the time to understand your business and recommend a custom payroll system that works for you. You will only receive recommendations for features that directly benefit your business, not unnecessary add-ons that force you to pay more than what you need.

Along with giving you personalised service, the team at E-Payoffice is proudly Australian owned and operated. So you can expect a rapid response time to all your customer enquiries during normal business hours. Plus, all the advice and support you receive is laid out for you in clear, easy to understand terms.
What’s more, you have the freedom to continue running your business as per usual. You don’t have to make any drastic changes in order to transition to our cloud payroll kiosk as we do it all for you.

You know exactly how much to pay, why, and when. No confusion or hidden fee – just complete transparency.

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