NoahFace Shift

If you are tired of manually collating paper timesheets and want a cost effective solution, NoahFace Shift coupled with our payroll software is the answer. NoahFace Shift is a facial recognition app that was developed here in Australia and is an inexpensive solution that quickly captures employees start and finish times. Once we set it up for you, your staff can start clocking in and out – it automatically sends start and finish times to our payroll software where the hours they work are interpreted as per the rules you pay under, ready for payment.
NoahFace Shift iPad Facial Recognition App
  • NoahFace Shift integrates with E-Payoffice by using facial recognition to make clocking in and out seamless for employees
  • Fast and efficient – avoid queuing at peak periods
  • Photo storage of all captured shift times
  • Roster from payroll shows at NoahFace Shift app level
  • Review and adjust timesheets prior to payment
  • Identify consistently late staff
  • Stop time theft
  • From as little as $36 per month (plus gst), it’s less than a cup of coffee a day!

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“E-Payoffice have been our payroll provider since 2011. We recently upgraded to their new software which makes payroll a pleasure to do as everything is within the payroll system. We can now see what staff are going to be paid before it happens as the interpretation of their hours are at the bottom of the screen when we authorise their timesheets. We can also cost out shifts and see what payroll will cost before the week commences. My payroll specialist is always on hand for any questions I have regarding our payroll and no call goes unanswered.”

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