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Outsourcing your payroll to E-Payoffice is a cost-effective way to have your payroll processed by a payroll specialist. We customise our service to suit your needs. We can manage your pay, as well as your super, termination pay, ongoing deductions, ATO reporting and much more.

We’re your outsourced payroll manager

If you don’t have an inhouse payroll manager, staying on top of pay and leave and all the legislation can be time-consuming and stressful. E-Payoffice takes care of all this for you, so you and your managers can focus on the bigger picture.

E-Payoffice outsourced payroll services include:

  • Dedicated Payroll Specialist: You have your own Payroll Specialist who gives you one-on-one attention. They will process your payroll each pay period and answer any questions.
  • Only pay for what you need: We customise our services to meet your unique business operations and needs. This way, you don’t pay for features you don’t need.
  • Superannuation & tax compliance: We take care of all the taxing of payments, terminations, superannuation accruals and payments as per Australian Taxation Legislation.
  • Maintain all your data: We add new employees, make all maintenance changes, process terminations, maintain leave balances and run your payroll from end-to-end.
  • Net payment to employee accounts: With authority from your bank, we can make payments to your employee’s accounts for you when you authorise payroll. Alternatively, you can upload a file via your online banking system.
  • Paperless reporting: All reports are stored online in Financial Year directories for seven years. It’s easy to see wages and PAYG figures for BAS reporting.
  • Online payslips: No more paper payslips, no more inaccuracies. Payslips are compliant with legislation. Employees can securely access their own payslip online, or they can be emailed.
  • Electronic reporting to the ATO: We send all your TFN Declarations and Payment Summary information to the ATO by the due date.
  • End of Year Processing: We co-ordinate the production of Payment Summaries at End of Financial Year.

Optional extras include:

  • Deduction Management System (DMS): We can electronically disburse your Superannuation and deductions. You can be confident that Superannuation meets all the Superstream requirements set by the ATO.
  • Online timesheets and Award Interpretation: Employees can enter their hours into online timesheets. Hours are automatically interpreted based on the Award or EBA.
  • General Ledger: We can fully customise a journal to your chart of accounts. This can be output each pay process or at month end.
  • Time collection: By biometrics clock, Phone App or iPad facial recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Outsource my Payroll?

Payroll is a critical function in any organisation and it accounts for one of the largest expenditures within the organisation. With legislation constantly changing and Australian legislation being one of the most complex in the world, it makes sense to Outsource this function to enable time to be spent on core functions that increase profitability. Companies outsource payroll for many reasons, including:

  • Free up time and resources ensuring valuable resources are spent working on your core business functions to maximise profits
  • Continuity of payroll processing through holidays, maternity leave, illness and other leave.
  • Eliminate the need for on-going training and expensive payroll software updates / maintenance fees
  • Ensure confidentiality of salaries, bonus and commissions
  • Confidence and assurance of payroll process back-ups, business continuity and disaster recovery within secure, controlled environments.
  • Peace of mind regarding Privacy of data
    Dedicated Payroll Specialist that gets to know your business requirements
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease your payroll as your business requirements change.
  • STP (Single Touch Payroll) Compliant
    Peace of mind that your payroll is compliant
I have employees in different countries, can I use E-Payoffice internationally?
Yes, New Zealand
I pay my part-time and full time employees weekly and monthly, can you handle such varied payroll?
Yes, we cover all frequencies and employment categories – weekly, fortnightly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly, Casual, Part-time and Full TIme employees. We offer ‘combined reporting’ if you have multiple payrolls within our software.
Our company is very specialised and needs specialist knowledge to ensure accurate and timely payroll, how can E-Payoffice compete?
Over 35 years in payroll with a diverse range of clients over many industries. Our software is fully customisable to each client’s requirements. Outsourcing to E-Payoffice ensures that your payroll function will operate as effectively as possible while improving your business’ efficiency which enables you to focus on your business. We ensure continuity (people and systems), expertise, confidentiality, cost efficiency, flexibility, best practice and peace of mind that your payroll is in safe hands.
Are your services secure?
  • Our software applies user authentication features such as forced lock-out when maximum retries are exceeded for invalid passwords. All passwords are encrypted and additional password controls include: password ageing, incorporating password iterations and password changes with secret questions. User accounts may also be locked after a period of inactivity has elapsed.
  • We chose Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud infrastructure service for our hosting. Azure complies with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for security and reliability offering up-time guarantee of 99.9%.
We already use a Payroll Provider, why should we consider E-Payoffice?
E-Payoffice is proudly Australian owned and operated. Unlike some providers, we still do all our processing and Help Desk here in our Sydney based office. We offer a more personalised service and like to get to know your business to seamlessly integrate as your payoffice. See what some of our clients have to say.
How is E-Payoffice different to other Payroll Providers?
    • Some providers say they are providing an Outsource service but really all they are providing is ‘online’ software and getting the Customer to add new employees, changes, hours in timesheets etc, whilst others employ data entry clerks to input data. Here at E-Payoffice we have seen first hand how this creates many errors that carry on for years without being picked up. As an example, we took on a number of clients from our opposition and found that there were many casual employees who had no Superannuation paid or Long Service Leave accrued.
    • With E-Payoffice, you are not just another number.

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“I consider E-Payoffice to be the gold standard for the delivery of complete payroll solutions for small to medium enterprises. OZE-Pharmacy Group has over three hundred and fifty staff across various trading entities. E-Payoffice delivers an effective and accurate weekly payroll solution across the OZE-Pharmacy Group. I unreservedly recommend the quality of service and attention to detail provided by e-payoffice.” SUPERPharmacy Group

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