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Online Rostering Software

E-Payoffice provides online rostering software designed to help you save time and hassle on rostering, give your employees greater control over their schedule, and give you real-time data and analytics in regards to time and attendance, leave requests, absenteeism, and much more.

Regardless of the type and size of your business, once you transition over to the E-Payoffice cloud payroll software, you can take full advantage of its rostering capabilities to suit your business needs.

There are two ways you can implement E-Payoffice into your workforce: by using our SAAS product with your in-house payroll person at the helm, or outsourcing your payroll duties over to our experienced and capable team of payroll experts.

Either way, from setup and implementation through to training, our Sydney-based helpdesk team is available Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) to help you get the most out of your rostering software.

Benefits of Online Rostering Software

  • Save time on scheduling employees
  • Plan ahead for peak periods to avoid being under-staffed
  • Maintain an accurate record of employee schedules, working hours, leave and overtime
  • PDF Roster for placement in staff area for compliance
  • Forecast and plan your roster to stay within budget
  • Know your payroll costs before they happen
  • Compare Roster to actuals with variance
  • Daily cost reports
  • A daily attendance dashboard is available for managers specifying when employees should be on premises
  • ‘Late start Notifications’

Here’s what you can do with E-Payoffice

  • Arrange suitable replacement staff to cover someone else’s shift while ensuring no staff are overworked
  • Let your employees advise on their ‘availability’, submit leave requests, and receive a quick response to such requests.
  • Let your employees know when, and for how long, they can take breaks
  • Avoid potential conflicts with overlapping shifts
  • Roster staff to different locations and have alternate managers approve

Let’s take the stress out of rostering

Rostering is not easy. You have to manage multiple employees at the same time, ensuring all areas of operation within the business are adequately staffed, ensuring budgets are not exceeded and shifts do not clash.

Unfortunately, doing this manually takes you away from your business. Not only can this hinder the growth of your business, but also increase the risk of human error, conflicting schedules, late arrivals, absenteeism and incorrect wage payments.

The E-Payoffice software is designed to take the stress out of rostering, so that you can focus on what you do best – run your business.

From the convenience of a cloud-based platform you get a birds-eye view of your entire rostering system with costs, which enables you to make informed scheduling choices, respond swiftly to unexpected changes and plan ahead for future events.

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