What you get is peace of mind

How you get it is with easy payroll solutions you can trust

Whether you choose our payroll software or our outsourced payroll services, we take the stress out of payroll.

Personalised Service

A dedicated payroll expert will look after you.

Set up

We manage the set up for you, fuss-free.

Easy Reporting

Clear visual reports help you plan.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Online portals free up admin time.

Award Interpretation

Interpretation of Award and EBA rules.

Time Capture

Web-enabled and biometric clocks.

Workforce Management

Project and plan shifts and estimate costs.

General Ledger & Deduction Management

Payroll accounting made easy.

Personalised service

With E-Payoffice, you’re looked after by one of the top payroll experts. Based in Sydney, Australia we’ll guide you from set-up to ongoing support. We provide fast and expert responses to all enquiries.

All of our solutions are customised, so you only pay for the features and services you need.

Set up

We do it all for you; whether you use our software or outsourced payroll. Just output your files, and we’ll get it all ready for you. Every set-up includes a parallel payment run to ensure everything is 100% correct.

Easy reporting

Get a true picture of your payroll – past, present and future.

With our software, your dashboard gives you an instant snapshot and comprehensive details of employee payments and leave. Custom reports can be created and assigned to different managers.

Employee self service

Both our software and outsourced solutions include employee self service options, which free up hours of time for managers and admin.

Employees who have access to ESS can:

  • Change their details such as address, phone number and emergency contacts
  • Change bank accounts and add extra bank accounts
  • View and print payslips and payment summaries for up to seven years
  • View leave balances and leave history
  • Apply for leave and upload relevant documentation
  • Input daily hours into timesheets (where Time and Attendance Module has been chosen)
  • View previous timesheets
  • View their roster (optional)
  • Complete ‘Availability’ for roster (for casuals and part-time employees if chosen)

Managers can:

  • Access speciality reports depending on their role
  • View their Team’s contact details
  • View and project leave balances for their team
  • View the leave history of team members
  • View team Gantt chart of team members on leave. Approve team leave and apply for employee on their behalf
  • Approve and amend timesheets
  • View previous timesheets
  • Create, generate and amend the team roster

Award Interpretation (optional)

Award interpretation can be tricky and time consuming, especially if you have more than one Award.

When your clocking times or online timesheets are updated with shift start and finish times, our software automatically calculates hours and applies penalties, loadings and overtime based on the relevant Award or EBA.

Time capture (optional)

Our online timesheets and web-enabled clocks take the hassle out of capturing start and finish times. We offer two options for time capture:

  1. Online timesheets: Employees enter their times on a tablet, mobile or PC.
  2. Web-enabled clocks: these capture clock on and off times which automatically flow through to online timesheets. The system advises managers of any anomalies to review in their home screen. They also have access to an Attendance Menu which displays who is on site at any time.
  3. iPad facial recognition: NoahFace Shift shows rosters from our application and collects start and finish times that merge into our timesheets. Read more >

Hours can be time-sliced and multi-costed to different areas within the organisation. This allows different managers to approve hours worked in their sections. The system also allows for employees working at multiple locations – even on the same day.

Workforce Management (optional)

With payroll being one of the largest cost to businesses, use our Rostering system to take control of your payroll costs by rostering staff in advance – see per shift / day payroll costs before they happen and be more cost effective by changing who works the shift.  Direct employees where and when to work as our system will notify them.

General Ledger (optional)


Deduction Management System (DMS) (optional)

Imagine: no more manual collation of payroll costs. With our General Ledger service, you can seamlessly integrate payroll costs to your ledger. This is customised to your chart of accounts, and is audit traceable.

Use our DMS to automatically take care of payroll deductions such as superannuation, Union deductions and Child Support.

This manages the payment of all superannuation as per the ATO Superstream requirement. It also gives you easy to read reports showing where funds have gone, and is easily reconciled back to Payroll and General Ledger.

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“The team at E-Payoffice is absolutely fantastic!  They are right up-to date with any tax, super or legislative changes. They do all the work with regular payrolls and monthly superannuation and are always accessible by phone or by email. Reports are made almost instantly and they are easily interpreted and easily accessible.  End of financial year madness is a thing of the past.  I truly appreciate how fuss-free (and therefore stress-free) doing the wages is now.” Cincotta Pharmacy

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